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Inspection of Fire Alarm (update)

The annual fire alarm inspections and tests will be carried out by the Campus Safety and Security Division. The date of inspection is as follows,

Dormitory/ Date of inspection
Dormitory A/ March 2
Dormitory B/ March 2
Dormitory C/ March 2
Dormitory D/ March 2
Dormitory E/ March 2-3
Dormitory F/ March 7
Dormitory G/ March 7
Dormitory H/ March 2
Dormitory L/ March 2
Wuling Village1/ March 7-8
Wuling Village2/ March 7-8
International Dorm/ March 7-8
Wuling Village4/ March 7-8

During the date of inspection, inspectors will go into the room, therefore, please avoid leaving cash or valuables within the room. Thanks for your cooperation.
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